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Accounting Services

Accounting Services for Small Businesses Technology has allowed small and medium sized business to serve national and global markets. No longer are they confined to their specific geographical region. Utilizing service-based companies has helped streamline business. Accounting services is an area where these businesses have benefited. Skilled accounting experts that

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financial terms

Financial Terms

Financial Terms Glossary The finance and accounting world utilizes terms to quickly refer to a process or procedure. These terms can be intimidating for the entrepreneur and small business owner.  Terms that can make the controller or CFO come off as too technical. The following financial terms glossary is written for non-accountants

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financial statements

Video: How to Read Financial Statements

How to Read a Set of Financial Statements The small business owner is a busy person. From watching sales numbers to hiring new employees, they have limited free time. When their accountant hands them the monthly set of financial statement they first look at sales and net income. But what

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credit memo

What is a Credit Memo? | Outsourced Accounting Services

What is a Credit Memo? Small, medium, and large business owners sell their products to a wide variety of customers and clients. Sometimes orders become damaged, incomplete, or the wrong product is shipped. When this happens, the customer will want to be compensated for the damaged or returned items. This

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key performance indicators

What is a Key Performance Indicator? | CFO Services

What is a Key Performance Indicator? Small and medium business owners are pressed for time—they wear multiple hats while keeping their customers, vendors and employees happy. In all of the management, financial strategy and financial metrics tend to get put on the backburner.  The time necessary to critically analyze a company’s progress

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how to vet a cfo

Outsourced CFO: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your CFO This guide is designed for the small or medium business owner who:     Can’t find a qualified CFO or doesn’t know where to find one Needs help with their financial strategy Has had rapid growth and desperately needs guidance Has cash flow concerns

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Cash Flow Services

What is Free Cash Flow?

What is Free Cash Flow? Businesses survive and thrive on cash. Cash allows businesses to take risks, seek new opportunities, and to strengthen their financial statements. Generating cash requires professional expertise.  While most businesses have actual cash, the problem is determining how much of this cash is needed to pay vendors

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accounts receivable

What is Accounts Receivable | Outsource Accounting |

What is Accounts Receivable? Accounts receivable allow for a business to increase cash flow and move inventory quickly. They are, essentially, credit sales. When a business sells a product or service it has two main options for collections: Cash for the product purchased is immediately received Cash for the product

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is inventory an asset

Is Inventory an asset | Outsourced Accounting Services|

What is Inventory? Is inventory an asset? Is inventory an asset? Over my 20+ years in public accounting, I frequently came across this question. From a small business owner standpoint, this answer isn’t always clear. Most small business owners view inventory as cash out—a business expense. Inventory an asset or

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Virtual CFO services - Digital agencies

Virtual CFO Services – Digital Agencies

Virtual CFO Services – Digital Agencies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_-9aYrKF1A Transcripts  Hello everyone, in this video we’re going to go over budgeting for digital agencies. Now, even though this is geared more towards digital agencies, if you’re a service based organization you can utilize this video. Obviously take out the word digital agencies

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free virtual cfo consultation

Why hire a virtual CFO | Fractional CFO |

Should your company engage a Virtual CFO for hire? Before getting into the nitty gritty of this question you should be asking what is my company’s objective? It is important to understand where you want your company to go before starting down the path of seeking a Virtual CFO (VCFO)

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