Virtual Accounting Manager For Small Business

Delegate CFO offers outsourced controller services expertise at fixed rate pricing. Our outsourced controllers focus on proactive planning to help protect profits and manage cash flow. Work with a trusted virtual controller to grow your company’s wealth today.

What is a Virtual Accounting Manager?

A virtual accounting manager takes over where your bookkeeper leaves off. We review the information at month end close and adjust to accrual accounting. Essentially, we perform a ‘mini-audit’ each month to ensure information is complete and accurate. Without accurate financial statements, a business cannot react properly to the business environment.

Benefits of Virtual Accounting Manager Services

Our virtual accounting manager services will help you:

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When Should Your Business Use a Virtual Accounting Manager? 

Using a virtual accountant is an important investment for many companies. If your business is small but growing, or you hope to scale it in the short term, having a professional manage the finances is essential. However, you may not be ready or willing to spend the money on a full-time accountant.

With virtual accounting services from Delegate CFO, you could get the insight and support you need without suffering the burdens and inconveniences of the hiring process. If your company is using QuickBooks but does not have the bandwidth to manage accounting services efficiently, a virtual accountant could be the answer. 

Trust our virtual accounting services to manage your funds, create effective financial reports, and provide you with a clear path forward. Our reliable, expert insight can help your business grow, avoid financial turmoil in changing economic climates and prepare for the future. 

How Delegate CFO Is Different 

At Delegate CFO, we strive to stand out from the competition. Outsourcing accounting for a small business is one of our primary capabilities. Unlike other companies, we charge a fixed price for this and other services we offer in order to provide your organization with affordable, quality support. Our experience in financial accounting outsourcing is exceptional, and we work hard to ensure the process goes well and meets—or exceeds—your expectations.

Our extensive understanding of internal controls can translate into future financial benefits for your company. When you use an outsourced accountant such as one from Delegate CFO, you gain access to essential data, financial reports, and key insights without paying the high price of a full-time or part-time employee. This information gives you the tools necessary to make better financial decisions based on more accurate analysis. With our team on your side, you can plan the business’s next step with confidence.

Delegate CFO’s virtual accounting manager services are designed to provide actionable information. Below are the services we offer with the virtual accounting manager package.

Month End Close

We ensure accounting records include all the correct accruals and adjustment to give an accurate picture of operations. We verify there is supporting information for all major accounts. Accurate financial information is key to be able to make correct management decisions on the company’s future

Core Financial Statements

We provide balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). These will be statements that you can give to your banker and all shareholders.

Scheduled Meetings

We host scheduled virtual meeting to discuss the various aspects of your financials. Virtual meetings allow for face-to-face connection and are extremely productive for our clients.

Fractional CFO Services

How can a virtual controller help your company?

The virtual controller's role is to help your company move from being reactive to proactive in the financial strategy. We train your internal staff to shift into the proactive approach in the financial statements to accelerate towards growth.

Our virtual controller consultants will help you develop forecasting, implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), examining cash flow, and working with the sales department.

We work with you to help guide your business from reacting to changes in cash and profit, to planning and forecasting your growth for the future.

Why Choose Delegate CFO?

Fixed Fee Pricing

Our fee structure has a fixed price for one year. There are no surprises. The services and price each month won’t change.


Our founder was a partner in a mid-size public accounting firm for 20+ years. During that time, he oversaw the financials of large and small businesses. In addition to being a CPA, he is also a Certified Forensic Accountant.

What makes Delegate CFO different than our competitors? We have the ability and knowledge to secure your internal controls and guard against fraud in your organization. Traditional controller services, with additional expertise in forensic accounting.

Additional information on our virtual services

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