Who are the best virtual CFO services firms

best virtual CFO services

Each year, we at Delegate CFO meet with many businesses regarding virtual CFO services. Many know that we are open about our pricing, structure, and services we perform. Some customers ask us who are the competitors in the virtual CFO world. As informed consumers, they want to know who are the best virtual CFO services firms.

We are not shy about being honest with respect to our competition, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible.

Here is a list of virtual CFO companies that have a good reputation in this service area.

Summit CPA 

They are a reputable firm that have been around for more than 10+ years. They are located in Indiana and have recently teamed up with a mid-size CPA firm. Staffing is remote across the US as well as some non-US countries. They specialize in Cannabis, Transportation, and Legal industries. Their pricing for Virtual CFO services averages $1,900 per week.

The company also specializes in 401k audits.


Headquartered in Utah, the company has been around for 15+ years. They were originally founded by a former auditor. Their focus is on general industries. Pricing is not readily available on their website, so prospective clients will need to fill out a contact form and speak with an agent of the company.


Located in California, the company specializes in back office for start-ups and small businesses. Their investors have invested $150M into the company, including investments from Bezos Expeditions. Their pricing for CFO services averages $5,625 per month, billed annually.

Preferred CFO

Headquartered in Utah, the company lists a minimum of 15 industries that they service. They perform traditional fractional CFO services, such as forecasts and budgeting, transactional and mergers, as well as capital structure. Their website currently does not list the pricing of their fractional CFO services.

So there are four firms to consider if you are getting quotes for your virtual CFO needs. Each of these firms have been around for a significant amount of time, and most of them are not tied to a CPA firm.

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